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Feature Review – FinOps – Platform Platform 35 – Version 10.0.11

Version 10.0.11/Platform 35 came out fairly quickly after Platform 34 and I would recommend skipping 34. Here are some the features that I am excited for! Generic/Platform Updates These are updates that impact everyone – they aren’t limited to Accountants or Sales Clerks or Purchasing Agents, everyone gets to benefit from them! Mandatory Fields ThisContinue reading “Feature Review – FinOps – Platform Platform 35 – Version 10.0.11”

Introducing Myself!

My name is Julia Simpson – I am a Senior Consultant at HSO, prior to that I was an Accountant using Axapta and AX2009. I started my career off in Tax & Audit where I worked full time for a mid-sized agency on the Central Coast (Australia) and studied my bachelor of Management in the Evenings.Continue reading “Introducing Myself!”

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