About Me!

I Love Geeking out about Finance & PowerApps!

My name is Julia Simpson – I am a Senior Consultant at HSO, prior to that I was an Accountant using Axapta and AX2009.

I started my career off in Tax & Audit where I worked full time for a mid-sized agency on the Central Coast (Australia) and studied my bachelor of Management in the Evenings.

After a couple of years I realized that tax and audit were not my thing and moved on to becoming an Assistant Accountant with McDonalds using AS400 (I loved that bad boy!), as with all large organizations I wanted to move on and do more then what my tiny role allowed me to do so I took a role with Churches of Christ and that’s where I was introduced to Axapta!

Churches of Christ was a great NFP organization and we went through data migration from legacy systems and upgrades between Axapta and AX2009, I had finished my degree and was well into my CPA Australia studies but by 2013 I decided that I wanted to see the world and booked a one way ticket to the UK.

My first year in the UK was a little rocky as I was getting myself used to the UK and creating myself a network! I worked a couple of consultancy jobs and ended up getting placed at wonderful companies also using Microsoft Dynamics (this is also where I learnt that Microsoft Dynamics did not mean AX2012!)

My coworkers encouraged me as my contract was ending at Control Risks to try Consultancy and I managed to get a job with HSO in 2014. It was a steep learning curve learning about what was standard or a common development and I am sure I caused my boses a couple of awkward conversations at the start!

I was a quick and dedicated learning and soon made AX2012 and then Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations my bestie and when the PowerPlatform came out I had to figure out how it could help the Finance team as Finance implementations often get overlooked when it comes to development.

The little guy you see over all the pages is called Barry (he is a Playtpus). When I decided to come over here my mum encouraged me to take him so that I would always have someone to take photos of/with when travelling! Its actually really good advice for someone travelling on their own.

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